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Backyard Eggs (BlackGold Label)

Backyard Eggs (BlackGold Label)

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Fertilized, bright golden yolks that are unbroken, firm whites with hard eggshells. Full flavor. From our own breeder flock.  Heritage breeds. These eggs are from hens that we raise in our backyard and our own breeder flock. These are heritage breeds (for resilience) such as the native Parawakan and Banaba, and also American heritage Rhode Island Red, Bard Plymouth Rock and Black Austrolorph. They are entirely free range, and eat grubs and whole lot of our leftover greens. They are not fed corn or soy. The eggs they give us have 25 percent more vitamin E, 75 percent more beta carotene, and as much as 20 times the amount of omega-3 fatty acids.   

Price quoted is per 1 dozen.

*From 120 day old native Basilan, traditionally bred and raised outdoors. What does this all mean? Are you aware of what kind of chicken you buy? Here's something you should know: in the late 40's poultry geneticists engineered a fast growing chicken known as a Cornish Cross. Since then, this bird completely consumes the marketplace (it can even be certified organic.) But this breed grows at an unnatural, abnormally fast rate of 37 days! If humans grew at the same rate, we would weigh 260 pounds when we reach 2 years old! These birds cannot reproduce on small, local farms. Because of this, the birds' legs cannot handle the weight and end up crippled within weeks after hatching. Their hearts cannot pump blood fast enough and often they die of heart failure. This breed also cannot reproduce. The genetics of are “owned” by the large poultry producers. 

What do we offer you? Poultry that grows at a normal, slow rate. Our birds were grown for 120 days. They run around on pasture and develop muscles. This means normal organ development, more muscle and texture, more nutrients and stronger immunities.Ask the oldies: the longer a chicken lives the better it will taste! 

We also give you a heritage, standard breed. Not only do they taste good, they can naturally reproduce. This breed was developed for this climate. We have also develop this from our own breeding flock! Our flock is quite sustainable! When a farmer is able to breed, grow and market his own fowls, he is no longer dependent upon the bigger producers. 

Lastly, these heritage breeds were bred to be outside on pasture! Many farmers in the pasture poultry movement, are taking industrialized, commercial poultry that were developed to grow in confinement and putting them out on pasture! That is not what they were created for! The best birds to raise outside are the old breeds that were meant to be on pasture; they run around, they eat bugs and grass. 

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  1. The Best Since My Own 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 19th Apr 2016)

    When available, these eggs are truly Top-of-the-Mark from obviously happy hens. They are fertile so there can be a noticable blood spot. Though no problem for me, some folks may be turned off by it. The shells are solid, the membrane inside the shell is firm and the yokes are bright orange and absolutely firm. I haven't had eggs of this caliber since I raised my own backyard clutch. Absolutely eggs-cellent!!!!

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