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Holiday 2019


This year, what about mindful giving? Give your loved ones a bounty of gifts that have been grown, harvested, and prepared using sustainable agriculture practices. Agro-forestry, permaculture and biodynamic practices go a long way to build healthy soils, build resiliency and protect biodiversity. Support your local farmers and you shorten the value chain, giving farmers more value for the work that they do. Help us tackle agriculture and food waste by ensuring that nothing is thrown away. And let your loved ones know you care much about their health and well-being by gifting them only with wholesome food. These gifts are:

+ Sustainably-produced, Local and Biodynamic
+ Heirloom Varieties and Grass Fed/ Pasture Raised Heritage Breeds 
+ With a strong commitment to Animal Welfare
+ Uses recycled, reused or upcycled packaging from local sources
+ Minimal Waste

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