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About Us

 Real food, grown by real farmers. 



DowntoEarth is a family farm located in Dahilayan, Bukidnon. We grow biodynamic vegetables, and raise and source local grass-fed cattle, heritage free-range pork, lamb and native poultry. 

Our vegetables, herbs and flowers are sown, grown and harvested in rich, living soil, using biodynamic and sustainable agricultural practices.


Our animals are raised on local grass that are not treated with chemical fertilizers or herbicides. We never use hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. The animals are raised in a loving and stress free environment. They are never castrated, dehorned, caged, or confined, but freely graze outdoors. 

We are always mindful of the living forces of nature. We aim to have a farm that upholds the sources of life, is sustainable, and wastes little or nothing. We recognize ecological balance and do not feel the need to rely on chemicals, synthetics or pesticides, relying instead on nature itself to do its healing work for us.


In a nutshell, all DowntoEarth Products are:

* Grown sustainably to keep the soil vibrant, living and healthy

* Grown using biodynamic agriculture practices that view the farm, plants, animals, the farmers, and even the cosmos as a unified system

* Chemical and pesticide free, using natural pest control

* Grown without monocropping, we follow multiple and crop rotation methods

* Grown and raised by happy, responsible and committed farmers

* Animals are tamed by small family farmers, they have never been dehorned or castrated

* Animals are raised on grass and pasture and have never been fed antibiotics, growth-inducing hormones, GMO feed or animal by-products 

* Cured, smoked products, or bottled products have no preservatives, nitrite, nitrates or MSG

Call Us: (63)-02-8140854 or 0917-6731947

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Visit our Makati Shop: MAKATI CURB HOLDINGS, No. 7433 Ground Floor, Unit J, Yakal St., San Antonio Village Makati City.  (End of Mayapis St., near CASH & CARRY and next to Titania Wine Cellar & near SANTIS Delicacies.)

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