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Backyard Pork


The succulent, flavorful, tasty Pastured Pork we offer you comes from pigs that have been raised on pasture. These are heritage pigs of the Durok and Pietrain breeds. The pigs are allowed to pasture and are raised in spacious outdoor pens with sunlight and fresh air. Their natural diet consists of grass, cassava, copra cake, and chopped greens. We make the feed ourselves so we know exactly what the pigs eat! The pigs have NOT been fed animal by-products, given growth hormones or therapeutic antibiotic treatment. They have not been fed genetically modified corn or soybean. 

Commercial pigs only take about four to five months to raise.  Naturally-farmed pigs take five months.  While they have more space to roam and are given chopped greens, naturally-farmed pigs are still fed corn and soybean.  This is why they only need 5 months.  DowntoEarth free-range pigs are not fed commercial grain, GMO corn or GMO soybean.  On the average, it takes us at least 10 months to grow our pigs to a good size.  We feed them coconut cake, following the feeding patterns of Iberian pigs that are fed acorn and follow Slow Food principles.  We also feed our pigs raw whey, giving them a daily dose of probiotics that make them resistant to disease.    

Raising pigs on pasture adds real nutrients and flavor to the meat. A pig is by nature, born to root, dig, and run in pasture. And because they are able to live as nature intended them to, their quality of life is tops, and the quality of the meat is improved. Our pork is darker in color with good marbling. A darker color in pork means the meat has a higher pH score.  A higher pH score relates to low cooking loss, better water holding capacity, loin firmness, less drip loss, improved processing quality and a richer flavor.   Read more:  Why our free range pork is different.

DowntoEarth just does not raise pigs, we raise happy and healthy pigs!

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