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Want to Grow your Own Food? A Practical Backyard Farming Workshop

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a p r a c t i c a l w o r k s h o p

August 23-24, 2014

A Workshop Series for those who want to get their hands dirty with purpose.

This workshop is especially for those interested in starting their own backyard garden or small farm while practicing sustainable, holistic and biodynamic methods. We are combining the wisdom and hands-on expertise of real farmers. For would-be and aspiring farmers, this is a rare and powerful learning opportunity.

With expert farmers in Biodynamic Farming, Sustainable Agriculture and Earthworm Farming.VENUE: Fun Farm Pavilion, Sta. Elena Golf and Country Estate, Sta., Rosa Laguna

DATES: August 23 and 24, 9:00-5:00PM.

Beginners and experts welcome. 

FEES: P4500 (includes lunch, snack and all course materials.)

During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn to grow healthy food
  • Gain a basic understanding of biodynamic growing and sustainable agriculture practices
  • Make a biodynamic compost heap
  • Stir and apply biodynamic preparation 500 (cow horn manure)
  • (Biodynamic preparations will also be available for sale)

  • Learn practical skills to grow food in your backyard or small farm
  • Plan your garden for the year
  • Learn ways of managing insects, attracting beneficials and controlling disease through organic methods
  • Start to culture and raise earthworms in your home
  • Use vermicompost for your farm

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