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Endangered Vegetables Survival Seed Kit

Endangered Vegetables Survival Seed Kit

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We searched, planted and then saved seeds: heirloom vegetables and plants that have long been forgotten or ignored. For centuries, these varieties have fed plenty, provided fodder for farm animals, and even replenished soils. But not anymore. We have traded our “gold” for hybrid seeds that have left our farmers beholden to giant seed companies who own the patents for the hybrid varieties. Hybrid seeds do not produce plants that you can save seeds from. Instead, you sow seeds one time, and then have to buy seeds anew. Our broken food system is a story of stolen seeds and the loss of food sovereignty. But the fight isn’t over.

When you buy heirloom seeds like these, you protect biodiversity. You don’t allow these seeds to die out. Instead, you give them a new lease on life, so they can seed our soils, and so they can break new ground, and so they will survive. Available in packs of 5.
KULITIS-  The plant is cultivated for its leaves, as a main ingredient for the Ilonggo heritage cuisine "Laswa" or as fodder for pig feed.  The tender shoots can be eaten rawin salads.  It is rich in Vitamins A, B6, C, K, Riboflavin and Folate.  Kulitis also boasts of being able to provide minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, potassium and zinc.  Amaranth leaves are highly nutritious and contain three times more niacin and calcium than conventionally grown spinach leaves. 
KALASANON-  Kalasanon is also known as the wild Cherry Tomato, or among locals: Ligaw, which means wild in Bisaya.  These deep red bite-sized tomatoes bear loads of intensely sweet and flavorful taste that is a perfect compliment for your salad, sauces or as a side dish.  Once in your garden, these hardy tomatoes grow wild, with little to no human intervention. They are vigorous, disease-resistant, and sprawling.  
BUSH SITAO-  Bush Sitao is a good source of plant protein.  It is a staple for Filipino vegetable dishes, or as a side dish.  It is also a handy companion for the garden or farm, as green manure to improve soil health.  It is also an excellent source of animal feed, as silage or for forage.  The Bush Sitao is another hardy crop and is resistant to most plant diseases.  It is also tolerant to shade, drought and waterlogging conditions.  
TAPUL- Purple Corn, an heirloom corn variety from Cebu.   High in anthocyanin.  
ADLAI-  An ancient grain and food staple for the highlands.  High in protein.  Adlai may grow abundantly like weeds, growing one up to 3 meters tall.  An answer to food security, these grains may be a good source of staple food for people in the highlands.  

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