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Grass-fed Butter

Grass-fed Butter

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PASTURE-RAISED, SUSTAINABLE, LOCAL. Grass-fed butter churned from the milk of cows that graze on fresh pasture. Richer in vitamins A, E and beta carotene. More CLA and Omega 3.  We use chemical and hormone-free, non-pasteurized and non-homogenized raw milk. We raise our own dairy cows and so we know exactly what they eat. The cows have not been fed grain, given additives or GMO feed. They are hormone-free, chemical and pesticide free. The milk is unpasteurized and unhomogenized.  What you get is a healthier Omega-6 to Omega-3 balance, and higher levels of cancer-fighting CLA.


Raw Grass Fed Milk retains many beneficial fats including cancer-fighting CLA, Omega 3 fatty acids, beneficial bacteria, beta carotene, and vitamins A and E. Pasteurization kills the beneficial bacteria that are naturally present in milk.


3 Reasons Why Our Dairy Products are Different

1. Our milking cows are BULL BRED dairy friesian and Jersey crosses. This means that they have not been bred using artificial insemination. (Did you know that most dairy cows are bred artificially?)
2. We raise our own dairy cows in a small family farm and the cows are raised on pasture. They are not fed grain or GMO corn.
3. We make sure our young calves stay with their mother cows until they can forage on their own. We don't practice early weaning!

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  1. Joy in Paradise 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 19th Apr 2016)

    Pastured, a.k.a. cultured butter, can be very difficult to find. This product, when available, is worth every peso. The flavor is rich, the texture smooth, and the color pale. This healthful butter is noticeably enjoyable in your recipes or on your favorite toast.

  2. Pasture Butter - Unsalted 3 Star Review

    (Submitted on 13th Nov 2015)

    It has a super light yellow (almost white) color for a grass-fed butter. Smells and tastes really nice (it's been a habit of mine to add a tbsp in my coffee so grass-fed and organic is really a must for me).
    I was hoping for a deeper yellow color as, without any food coloring, it normally indicates higher mineral and beta-carotene content given the grass fed diet of the animal source. I have yet to verify with Down To Earth if the source only feeds on grass all year round.

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