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Our Story


DowntoEarth produce are grown in the foothills of Mr. Kitanglad, Bukidnon with a strong commitment to sustainability. DowntoEarth animals are raised on pasture by small family farms across Mindanao.  

Our farm is one of a few biodynamic farms in the Philippines. We grow our DownToEarth products sustainably: growing flowers, vegetables, herbs without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides; and raising all our hens, chickens, pigs, lamb and cows on local grasses that are pesticide-free. The animals are raised outdoors and never given antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones.  The cows are bull-bred, native cross-breeds and have never been castrated or dehorned.  They have not been fed GMO corn or soy, or animal by-products.


We take great care of our soil and see our farm, our farmers, our plants and animals, the earth and the cosmos, as an entire ecosystem. We practice composting, multiple and crop rotation, cover cropping, ecological pest management and follow a sowing calendar. Aside from sustainable agriculture, our farm encourages careful water use, energy saving initiatives, waste management, product packaging minimization, free trade and the humane treatment of animals. Alongside organic and biodynamic practices, we follow permaculture principles and traditional/native methods that build our soil fertility, while protecting our air, water and wildlife.





DowntoEarth is strongly committed to sustainable agriculture, environmental stewardship, the humane treatment of animals and upholds traditional, small and local farming.

We promise to provide you with vibrant, healthy, nourishing and wholesome products, freshly harvested from our farm. The products are the result of the dedication and diligence of a handful of farmers in Bukidnon. All our products are grown, harvested, processed and packed by hand. We hope to transform the Philippine farming industry to growing and harvesting crops, and raising livestock that safeguard the environment and the well being of farm workers.

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