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Tower Garden FAQs

Tower Garden FAQs

Before you make you purchase we advise that: 

  • You please send us picture of the area with the most sun
  • We require a 50% deposit of your purchase made on the same day upon ordering


How much is Garden Tower?

  • Tower Garden Big for 10k
  • 2 Tower Set was 20k now 16k (20%off)
  • 4 Towers Set with bean fence and vine tunnel for 32k - include Grapes (But for additional 2k includes cucumber, ampalaya, blue peas)
  • Balcony Compact Tower 6,000 - Perfect for condos
  • Compact Tower Set 10,999
  • BOTICA Tower Php 3,500.00
  • Raise Beds Sell Tower, Raise Bed was 12k now 10k
  • 2 Towers, 2 Raise Beds was 24k now 20K
  • 4 Tower, 4 Raise Beds 48 was now 40k


How large of an area do I need for the Tower Garden?

Vertical Tower Garden is very compact and will only need 4 sq. fu. of space.


What is included with the Garden Tower?

The set comes with crop varieties which are tested suitable for the country's current season; Phil. spinach, Arugula, basil, lettuce, eggplant red okra.

bush beans, green chillies, tulsi, amazon spinach, red spinach, blue pea, cherry tomato, java mint, saluyot (unavailable plants will be replaced by

similar or belter variety). The lower includes Built composter, waste converter using worms, waler

collection basin and compost activator. Our technicians will install the lower and give you guidelines. We will provide instructional videos

and guidelines/instructions both in English and Tagalog.


Does the Tower composting system attract flies or emit any odor?

No not at all, it does exactly the opposite. The Garden Tower is sealed and the potting media contains beneficial microbes that hasten decomposition there is no

odour and flies. The lower part of the Garden Tower is very similar lo a hydroponic system but it is grown on living soil and runs on organic liquid fertilizer lea you collect in the basin underneath the unit this can also be a handy natural bug repellant you can use for your other plants.


What makes your Garden Tower so expensive?

The Towers already has 55 to 60 young vegetables and herbs within it which is already worth 9000 pesos plus here's the kicker you get worms along with the Garden Tower to make our SPECIAL ORGANIC VERMI FERTILIZER and bug repellant for your other plants.

It will basically handle itself all you need is to water it and add compost to feed the worms.


Will this benefit the planet in any way?

Yes it will especially with regards to biodegradable waste and food waste covers more than 50% of the Household waste in the Philippines most of this is thrown

in overloaded landfills generating methane gas that if this was a Country is the second polluter in the world bigger than the United States. R.A 9003 requires all

business in the Philippines to compost all biodegradable waste on site. Since all our existing landfills are full. It's just a matter of time where this law will be

fully implemented and penalties will be imposed. Lets all learn how to use this resource and use it to grow plants.


What makes our system unique?

  1. Our system allows households to use the compost and liquid fertilizer for plants on site right away without the need to bury in soil.
  2. System can be integrated to vermicomposting system.
  3. Comes with a potted herb and vegetable starter kit.


How much and what is included in a Composting Bucket?

1 Composting Bucket costs 750.

It includes:

1.Compost activator and

2. Potted herb

3. Vegetable Starter Kit


After my purchase is there any training involved

We will conduct free training for a minimum of 30 buckets we will also donate tower garden for every 100 buckets and please refer to this instructional video:

Please let us know if you have any questions. Looking forward to working with you

Nicolo Aberasturi



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