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We offer workshops on Backyard Farming, Urban Food Gardens, or regenerative agriculture.  Send us your details if you wish to be informed about our upcoming Workshops.

Upcoming Workshops:


November 21 Saturday: Regenerative Agriculture FarmStart half-day course




Do you have idle land that you want to farm but you don't know how to start? Do you want to start a farming business but don't know if you have the budget or the time needed to start a farm project?  We give you a condensed version of our Regenerative Landscapes Workshop.




Gain a basic understanding of biodynamic growing, permaculture, agro-forestry and sustainable agriculture practices. In particular, we introduce a method of transforming your land into an organic farm using your available resources. We will also help you plan your farm, including the edible plants that you may successfully grow; and show you how you can utilize your farm products and animals to feed yourself and then earn income as well.






  • The Principles of Soil Health 
  • How to Start a Farm
  • What and How to use crops to increase profitability
  • How to lower input costs 
  • How to regenerate your soils


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